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Everyone is familiar with MVPs, which are given to a particular individual who has significantly contributed to your team’s success. However, other individuals have also contributed to the team’s success but are often overlooked. These are called MVTs and play a vital role in your team’s success.

Although not everyone on the team has the physical talent to be considered for the traditional MVP, everyone can be considered for the MVT position. In this article, are traits that constitute an MVT

Selfless Attitude

Most MVTs understand that it is about them and the team as a whole. They take pride in knowing they are contributing to the team’s success and willingly sacrifice their interests. They look at sports from a “WE” perspective instead of just themselves.

Fulfill Their Roles

MVTs fully understand their responsibilities and play a vital role in your team’s success. Everyone plays a significant role in your team’s success, whether it is a thankless or glamorous position. No matter if it is a backup goalkeeper, a special teams player, a reliever, or a catcher, these individuals fully embrace and know their role and play it well. They are committed to consistently and efficiently executing their duties.

Takes Accountability

They understand that they and their teammates are expected to hold themselves responsible for the team’s standards. MVTs are passionate about the team’s goals, and they have the necessary courage to enforce them. They also know that tolerating or accepting unacceptable behavior can destroy the team. As great teammates, they will do whatever it takes to make sure that the team’s standards are upheld.

Positive Mindset

MVTs bring positive energy to the team, as they can be found cheering on the team and interacting with their coaches and teammates. They also act as if they are genuinely interested in helping the other individuals on the team succeed. They can see the good in others and encourage them to be their best selves.

Celebrates Successes

One of the most essential characteristics of an MVT is their willingness to be as happy for their teammates as they are for themselves. Unlike other players, they do not selfishly want to see their teammates fail or get injured. Instead, they are committed to supporting their teammates and ensuring they can celebrate their success. They realize that the success of another individual does not diminish the achievements of the entire team.